The Infrared Sauna & Salt Therapy Experience

This Booth can fit up to 4 people. Bring Friends or Family with you during your session!

You'll have a private room for your Infrared Sauna session. A trained expert will set up the sauna, adjusting the time and temperature, and show you how to connect your phone to Bluetooth so you can listen to music or a podcast while you sweat and relax for your session. (We have a 20 minute session and a 45 minute session you can choose from.)

How to Use an Infrared Sauna:

  1. Hydration: Ensure you are well-hydrated before entering the sauna. You can also bring water into the sauna, especially if you're sensitive to higher heat.
  2. Length of Time: We have a 20 minute session and a 45 minute session you can choose from.
  3. Clothing: Dress according to your comfort. Some people wear bathing suits as well or just comfy loose clothing.
  4. Activities: While in the sauna, you can relax, read, meditate, listen to music, hot yoga or even bring your friends and vibe with them.
  5. After the Session: Once the session is over, take your time to cool down. After cooling down, you can take a shower or bath at home. Remember to drink plenty of water.

Post-Session Benefits: Sweating is a healthy process that may help detoxify your body from harmful free radicals and heavy metals. Post-session, you may feel relaxed and experience a mood boost. Hydration is crucial before and after your session to minimize potential minor side effects like skin flushing and light-headedness and to maximize the benefits. So make sure to drink plenty of water before and after your session!



See The List Of Benefits Below

Benefits of Infrared Sauna

☑️Better sleep ☑️Relaxation ☑️Detoxification ☑️Weight loss ☑️Relief from sore muscles ☑️Relief from joint pain such as arthritis ☑️Clear and tighter skin ☑️Improved circulation ☑️Help for people with chronic fatigue syndrome ☑️Improved appearance of cellulite

Benefits Of Salt Therapy (Halotherapy)

☑️Respiratory → Anti-microbial, Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, and Anti-inflammatory. Opens the bronchial tubes in the lungs, helps to reduce inflammation in the sinuses & small airways. Breaks up and clears mucus. Increases PH level – reduces acidity.

☑️Skin → Naturally triggers skin microcirculation and membrane activity. Enhances skin’s protective and reparative properties. Anti-microbial, Anti-bacterial.

☑️Athletic Performance → Expands the airways for increased lung functions and capacity. Enhances performance. Increases oxygen saturation and exchange. Helps with muscle endurance and recovery.

☑️Ear Infection → Halotherapy can greatly relieve the swelling and pain that is common with an ear infection by penetrating the ear canal with salt particles. Salt as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent reduces the swelling of the tubes in your ear, allowing the fluid to drain.

Benefits of Chromotherapy

☑️Anti-Aging Benefits ☑️Improved Circulation ☑️Relief of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) ☑️Pain Relief ☑️Reduced Swelling and Decreased Inflammation ☑️Accelerated Healing ☑️Reduces stretch marks ☑️Decreased Muscle Tension increased range of motion ☑️Regulated Mood

Benefits of Aromatherapy

☑️Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to improve physical and emotional health. Saunas are the ideal setting for aromatherapy because of the pleasant aroma of the essential oil in the steam. Aromatherapy in saunas has been shown to improve well-being and body relaxation.


Halotherapy is also known as dry salt therapy. Dry pure grade sodium chloride is ground into very tiny micro-particles in a special machine called a Halogenerator. These dry salt micro-particles are then dispersed into the salt room.

Halotherapy Experience

As you relax, particles are inhaled as well as land on the skin. The particles penetrate deep into the lungs, bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli, as well as into the deep layers of the skin.

Holistic Wellness

It is a holistic, drug free, natural therapy and promotes better breathing, healthier skin, sounder sleep, improved physical fitness, and over all wellness.

Red Light & Near-Infrared Light

Red light between 600-700nm offer benefits for skin texture and tone, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, promoting collagen production and generally rejuvenating the appearance of skin and hair.

Near-infrared light (NIR) 700nm – 1100nm. penetrates deeper into the tissues to assist with wound healing, muscle recovery, nerve injury, and joint pain.

FDA Registered Class II Medical Device